Sunday, March 10, 2013

Blog #6~ Watch “Sonne” by Rammstein and compare the story and persons, motives, symbols in the music video with those of “Snow White” fairy tales read in class. What is similar? What is different? Which one do you like better and why?

        The Rammstein version and the Brothers’ Grimm version of ‘Snow White’ have some similarities but also very different. In both there are little men, although there are only 5 ‘dwarfs’ in the Rammstein version. In the music video, Snow White was herself the evil ruler, punishing the little men for not finding enough gold for her, whereas in the Brothers’ Grimm version the queen is the evil one, finding fault in Snow White for being so beautiful. From the translation that I used, there was no mention of beauty, just the sun can blind and hurt you. Additionally, in ‘Sonne’ the dwarfs appear to serve Snow White as opposed to her forming a social contract with them to do house work, the dwarfs can be seen brushing Snow White’s hair and polishing her apples. Which brings me to my next different, Snow White is the one with the apples. There is no 3rd party trying to hurt her. Instead she is hurting herself, and ultimately killing herself, by snorting the gold that the dwarfs find in the mines. Although there is the similarity of the glass coffin at the top a mountain in both stories the means for awakening are very different. At the end of the video instead of the apple killing her and the prince coming to save her, the apple awakes her from her glass coffin, by breaking it. The “Young Slave” had even less in common with the music video. There is not mother ever mentioned nor is there a kind uncle or wicked aunt. In the music video there are only Snow White and the dwarfs. The girl in the video is not seeking a way to get back to her rightful place and does not ask anyone for anything but gold. 


         I actually preferred the Rammstein version to the other ones. I enjoyed the dwarfs actually seeming upset at the invasion of Snow White into their homes. As they dug in the mines for more gold, it appeared to me that they were frustrated with their work and bitter at having to serve. I also liked that Snow White herself was the evil queen instead of a helpless maiden. She made the men work for her and give her what she wanted as opposed to doing all their housework for them. She took on some of the stronger characteristics of the evil queen in other versions which enabled her to be independent and take over the dwarfs’ house as leader. 

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